Small Fleets, Big Opportunities

Plains Dedicated is a group of transportation professionals committed to service, safety, and family.

Our carrier members are some of the very best in transportation. We hand select our members through a qualifying and referral process. They are all subject to a probationary period to ensure they fit our customers’ needs and our members’ philosophy. As a small group of transportation providers, we can provide better service to our customers by working together with our shippers, as a team.

We see all people in the transportation circle as a customer. Our carrier members are the basis for this belief. We set up regions specifically for their home domicile, allowing them home time weekly. Also, focusing on one region allows them to understand the markets, the people, and the regional differences. Our members are proud members of those communities they deliver to and want to make a positive impact on your customers and their families’ communities.

Our goal for the shipper members of the Co-Op is to teach them how to effectively work with smaller carriers (1-10 truck fleets). The Co-Op model allows us to provide our shipper members a large network of carrier members.

Working with smaller fleets is different than working with larger companies. We aim to teach shippers how to work with and manage their own small carrier group. This provides some great advantages to your company by allowing you the freedom to control that business directly and cut out the middle man, the “Broker.”

The other advantage to working with smaller carriers is it provides them the opportunity to grow their fleets. We encourage generational businesses, meaning the skills we teach will allow owners to pass their companies on to future generations, allowing multi-generation growth of truck lines.

Shipper Member Advantages

  • Turnover at our Co-Op averages 19%. According to ATA, truck lines average 94% turnover. Our model allows our drivers to get to know the shipping clerk, delivery clerk, and management at the shipping and delivery locations. They partner up to get the job done, because they know the same person will be back next week. Our members reach out to create these relationships so if a problem should arise, they will work through the problem together. We are an extension of your business; a shipper being represented on the dock.
  • As a group, we work with shippers that require drop trailers at their location. The Co-Op provides trailers for members to use in the case of a breakdown. Many of our Co-Op members have shared equipment to achieve the goal of getting the product delivered.
  • Our members jump in and help each other. If a truck goes down or an illness happens on the road, they repower a load to ensure on-time delivery.
  • All our Co-Op members commit to year-round capacity 52 weeks a year. Stable rates keep the rates down and reasonable all year round. Co-Op drivers don’t play the fluctuation game. We establish yearly rates and commitments to Co-Op shippers. We ask for a review of the current business we provide annually, and we then discuss adjustments. Adjustments are based on driver feedback, providing you with more information for rate modifications.

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