Become One of America’s Transportation Providers

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining Plains Dedicated. We pick the very best that are dedicated to working in a family environment, where everyone makes an honest living, and delivering quality to customers on all levels of safety, service, and profits.

One of our goals is to bring back the camaraderie the trucking industry used to be known for. If we see a Plains Dedicated member in need of help, we help them. If we see a Plains Dedicated member having dinner, we stop and eat with them. We are more than just a transportation provider and carrier, we are friends and family. We all have the same goals of taking care of and providing for our families. We want our members to be advocates for the industry, demonstrating how we are the safest, and most trustworthy group of transportation providers.

Our goal is to grow truck lines, taking one truck owner operators to fleet owners. How do we accomplish this?

  • Our Co-Op members have over 640 assets
  • 24-hour dispatch
  • Utilize McLeod software (used by top carriers in the industry)
  • Hundreds of trucklines created in our network

Plains Dedicated has a 19% turnover

Member Advantages

  • We strive to get our carriers home more often to spend time with their families.
  • Our carriers can choose their year-round lanes.
  • We do our very best to get our carriers the same customers, same locations, and same delivery days. This way everything will be the same week in and week out, which allows our carriers to plan out their personal time, as well as provide excellent service to customers.

Respect to Our Drivers

  • We have an operations group that demands respect at all levels of the organization. We also only work with customers that understand carriers’ (and their families’) needs.
  • We want carriers who work together. We are a business and a family, with members who are carriers, shippers, and operations staff.
  • We remain competitive by providing:

    • Multiple pay options
    • Rate preferences
    • Volume discounts
    • Transflo
    • Assigned carrier representatives

Interested in Becoming a Co-Op Member?

Please fill in the following information. A member of our team will reach out to you to learn more about you and help you with the next steps.

Become One of America’s Transportation Providers!