About Us

Our Story

Plains Dedicated LLC was founded in 2007, and has since grown into a thriving nationwide line haul Co-Op. We developed from a group of over the road truckers that decided it was time to cut out the middleman, and as a group, we approached shippers directly.

We started with a close group of members consisting of drivers, operations, accounting, and OS&D experienced professionals. We communicate directly with shippers, explaining our model and vision. We work with our customers to bring service cost saving concepts in the areas of driver retention and customer relationships. By merging the two groups together, we help everyone cut costs and grow to a new potential.

We have been very successful growing our transportation Co-Op through a strict referral process, and we have yearly requirements that each Co-Op member must adhere to. Co-Op carrier members that want to grow into their own fleet can take advantage of our Co-Op financial services, which assists drivers in becoming successful fleet owners. This allows us to increase our driver pool and helps nurture owner-operators into good business owners.

Our goal has always been to partner with shippers that see our vision of working directly with drivers, without a middleman, to grow capacity.

Our Principles

We are a full-service truckload and Co-Op transportation provider serving North America and specializing in multi-drop shipments. We have the resources, the technology, and the right mix of services and experience to optimize even the most time sensitive shipments. We ensure your freight will arrive at the destination on time and using the most efficient transportation service option. We do this by committing to:

  • On-time and on-temperature delivery of truckload freight
  • Dedicated drivers and amiable support and dispatch staff
  • 24-hour communication with drivers and customers
  • Short and Long Line Haul covering the greater 48 states, specializing in multiple stop loads
  • Using our expansive knowledge of the shipping industry
  • Providing higher standards of service

Our Team

John Miller

John Miller is Plains Dedicated’s original founder and leads the sales division. Under John’s leadership, the company has achieved continued growth and stability in the market place. John joined the military after graduating from high school. After returning home, John began his career in the trucking and brokerage industries, where he has nearly 30 years of experience. His past experiences have been with Cargill, Rocor, Werner Enterprises and Direct Transit. While at Cargill, John developed new business, expanded the carrier base, ran the private fleet, and reconstructed Cargill Salt’s transportation division. John oversaw the $80 million spend, with responsibility for the financial performance for his department. John is an avid supporter of his community and has opened his home to dozens of foster children.

Jerod Thayer

Jerod Thayer is co-owner of Plains Dedicated and leads the operations division. Jerod was instrumental in the rapid growth of Plains Dedicated after joining in 2008. Jerod has nearly 20 years of experience in both the trucking and brokerage industries. His experience was from Cargill Meat Logistics. While at Cargill, Jerod was responsible for all operational duties, including, but not limited to, customer service and dispatch. He also assisted with saving overall transportation spend by collaborating different transportation groups across Cargill Business Units, as well as management of staff. Jerod holds a BS in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University.

Kimberly Beers

Kimberly Beers is co-owner of Plains Dedicated and leads the accounting division. Kimberly is a detail-oriented accounting professional with hands-on experience in analysis, cash management, GAAP compliance, M&A, and forecasting. Since joining Plains Dedicated, she has been instrumental in securing capital, negotiating with vendors, and process improvement. She has experience in start-up companies, as well as established companies. Kimberly has nearly 20 years of experience in the transportation industry and over 10 years in the consulting industry. She holds a BS in Finance from Regis University.

Chris Wilbanks

Chris comes to Plains with nearly 15 years of industry experience. He enjoys being a buffer between our customers and drivers. His past experiences include Cargill, where he led the brokerage in load volume for four straight years.  Chris continues to collaborate with carriers, drivers, and customers at Plains Dedicated and mentors the team to maximize all department contributions.  Chris’ drive and commitment to this industry is supported by his family of six, who consistently push him to be the best he can be.  He holds a BA in Business Management from the University of Arkansas.

Katherine Wyatt

Katherine Wyatt is the head of the Administrative Department. She started with Plains Dedicated in 2011, and is currently managing all administrative staff for refrigerated, van, flatbed, and intermodal freight. Since joining the Plains Dedicated team, Katherine has worked in the accounting, safety, and operation departments. This experience gives her a well-rounded understanding of all procedures, and an opportunity to assist in the continual improvement of processes in all departments. Her grasp for a multitude of transportation software programs is critical in stellar customer service and staff training. Katherine has played an essential role in creating automated methods for tracking and tracing, to increase accountability for carriers and dispatchers.

Wesley Rainey

Wesley Rainey joined the Plains Dedicated team in 2021. He currently manages capacity for refrigerated, van, flatbed, and intermodal freight. Before joining the Plains Dedicated team, Wesley specialized in Dry Van and Flatbed shipments.  Wesley has over 11 years’ experience in the trucking brokerage industry including sales, operations, and dispatching. Wesley currently resides in Omaha, NE with his wife and 5 children.

TJ Worcester

TJ Worcester joined Plains Dedicated in 2013. He is the Director of Safety and Dispatch. TJ began his career as a firefighter, and later graduated from the law enforcement academy in Oklahoma. He worked as a law enforcement officer, eventually becoming a DOT enforcement officer for the Washita County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma. TJ’s knowledge of the laws and regulations for trucking made him a perfect fit for the safety department. TJ’s passion has always been public safety, which has continued to strengthen through working as the Safety Director. TJ has had the opportunity to step into multiple roles at Plains Dedicated, making him well-rounded and knowledgeable about many different facets of the company and the trucking industry.

Community Service

Plains Dedicated takes pride in giving back to the community. We have allocated a portion of our profits to give back to the community. We are honored to support the following organizations:


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